Thursday, March 26, 2015

Create an interactive eBook from original PDF

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is still a really common and useful format in business. People prefer to keep document in this format for the reason that it looks exactly the same on any device regardless of the platform. Therefore, it can help to avoid unnecessary mistakes which led to business failure. However, for digital publishing ( ), there is a better choice to achieve more in your content. It is the flipbook that enables you to deliver valuable information in an interactive way.

Most people would have some doubts here about your well designed PDF documents. Well, it is another advantage of flipbook. Search it on Google, and then you will know that flipbook maker can easily convert PDF files into stunning page turning eBooks. Or short of, it is just a way to improve the reading experience based on your PDF. All your useful contents will be kept and your interactive eBook is able to work smoothly on all devices and any platform.

Here come the questions: How can the eBook creator ( ) improve the reading experience? What is changed and what can we change if we convert PDF to flipping publication? Is it difficult for our prospect to reach for reading?

Yes, everyone is afraid of the change in that we cannot predict what will happen in the future. But as Franklin Roosevelt said, growth and the change are the law of all life. Yesterday’s answers are inadequate for today’s problem just as the solutions of today will not fill the needs of tomorrow. Believe it or not, many content marketers have tried and received very good results. At least now, it has been a trend for digital publishing. Why? For one thing, your original PDF can only contain static texts, links, images, and tables etc. But you can enrich the content with multimedia and even show the dynamic change with animation effect in a page flip eBook. For another, the visitors need to download the PDF for further reading. However, you can directly read flipbook online without the help of other application. If you are the reader, which one would you choose? The answer is obvious.

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. Now that the change is good for business, how can we achieve more in the right direction? Ultimately, the clear answer of the raised questions before will show you the right direction.

Firstly, to engage more reader, the layout of eBook should be attractive. What about the book-like interface? Many software online offers your pre-design templates and themes for you to beautify the outlook of your publication. Just take the leading eBook software Flip PDF as an example, it provides more than ten templates and themes for you to customize the book-like interface. Even, you can add dynamic scenes to impress your readers at the first sign.

Stunning demo created by Flip PDF

Since the engaging outlook can be easily designed, what about the interactive content? As mentioned above, the content of your original PDF would be wholly in the new flipping book. If it is needed to enhance the reading experience, a video or the image gallery with animation would be the best choice. For that it is possible to add brand logo in PDF to improve brand awareness, there are also multiple ways to broadcast your brand in digital flipping book. The simple way is to embed logo. Or the loading logo is also possible. Despite of the logo, the advertising banner would be the most effective way which is impossible in PDF.

If the interactive content cannot be reached by the readers, all mention above is meaningless. Don’t worry; it is even not a problem for the eBook creator. With the HTML5 flipbook software, your PDF can be converted to the html5 flipping book online. Then all your readers can easily access with the device they like. As for the promotion, the social network friendly eBook creator, such as Flip PDF, enables everyone to share through social media with several clicks.

PDF is not out of date. There is just a better way to deliver a comfortable reading experience with PDF. Hope you can promote your online business with the interactive eBook successfully.