Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Customize Print Setting for Page Turning Magazine with FlipBook Creator Pro

After you convert PDF to page turning book with the Printable Flip eBook Maker named FlipBook Creator Pro, you may concern about the print issue. With FlipBook Creator Pro, on one hand, you can customize the print settings easily; on the other hand, you can set printable area on the flip page. In a word, FlipBook Creator is a wonderful flip page maker to create printable page turning book, magazine and brochure and so on.
Make Print Button Show on Toolbar

Before you print the page turning book, you have to make the print button show on toolbar in advance. Anyway, select a template you like and then move to design setting and make print button enable show.

Insert Print Watermark File
It only inserts images and SWF files on the page turning magazine. In other words, when your flip page is printed out, it will be with your inserted watermark file. Anyway, it won’t show on the flip page while you are viewing.

Three Printable Options
FlipBook Creator Professional provides three printable options for you to choose. They are printing all pages, printing current page and printing range of flip book.

Customize Printable Area

Add Printable Area on flip page is one of wonderful functions of flip book editor. What you need to do is to select the icon and draw an area to print on the selected page. Then save the change to check the printable area easily. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to enable search content while PDF to flipbook?

It can't ignore that flip html5 is an awesome flip book creator to create gorgeous flip book with 3D page turning effect and rich multimedia contents. Then what the most useful functions is while you are using flip html5. In the article, we will continue to show you more wonderful function of flip html5. That is search function of flip html5. It is powerful enough for users to search the content you need only with entering key words or sentences. Also there is a point you should pay attention to. That is the search function can work smoothly when your content is concise of text format file but not images based. 

Step1: Add new file to program. 

Run Flip Html5 and then click "Create New" to continue adding new file to program such as PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images. 
Step2: Make Search button show on toolbar. 

Move to "Custom Setting", click  "Tool Bar Settings" and select  "search button" after that choose  "Show" from  "Search Button Visible".

Step3: Refresh Flip Book. 

After changing the settings of flipping magazine, please do remember to click "Apply Change" to fresh the flip book in order to make the change show. 
Step4: Search the information you need. 

Move to tool bar and then click "search" button and input the keywords or sentence to get the paragraph or other information you need. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Flip Html5, Make Web Site Impressive with Adding Page Flipping Book

Q: I am not good at web design. But according to your introduction about flip html5, you said it can be used for web design and show my product and important contents on the top of web site easily. Anyway, how can I add page flipping book on the web site? Show the easiest way please.

A: It is sure that flip html5 is one of the outstanding flip book creators to create 3D page turning book in minutes. Besides, flip html5 not only can create flip brochure, magazine, catalog and album but also can make them embed on web sites with several simple steps. What’s more, it required no flash and no programming skills at all. Then in the article, you will find the simple steps to embed your page flip magazine into web site in order to enhance the popularity and beautify the web design.

Step1: Run Flip Html5 and create PDF to flipping book. Launch flip html5 and start to import files to flipbook.
Step2: Customize Flipping Magazine.
Enrich the flipbook content with "custom settings", template and themes in order to make a gorgeous page flip book.
Step3: Upload online.
Before you upload flip book online you have to sign up and log in. And then continue to upload flipping book online in order to share conveniently. Or you can upload it online through FTP.
Step4: Copy code to insert to site.
After finishing uploading online, then go to "Share Publication" window and move to "Insert to site" to copy the code below to embed the flipbook publication to anywhere of your web site.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Flip HTML5 – wonderful flip book editor to embed music player on flip book

Q: Do you know a simple way to embed music player for every flip page? I know how to add background music for a book but I have no idea how to add music for single page. Just show me how to make it work. 

A: Flip HTMl5 is an excellent page flip book creator to create flip book from PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images. Flip Book Editor of Flip Html5 is wonderful to insert multimedia contents such as sound player, video player, flash, shape and so on. Then adding sound to specified flip book page is one of the outstanding functions of flip book editor. Here we will take add sound player for example. By the way, you not only can add sound player for single page but also add background sound for a whole flip book with ease. Now let’s begin to show you the method to add sound step by step.
Step1: Run Flip Html5 and start adding file.
Download and run the program and then continue importing PDF to flipping book.
Step2: Sign up to move on.
Click "Edit Page" to log in and then move to "Flip Book Editor" window. If you are free and pro user types, then you only can preview the multimedia content but not save.
Step3: Select a page and add sound.
Select a page first and then click "Sound" icon on editor tool bar and draw the box on the selected page. And then keep customizing the setting of sound player.
Step4: Save and Exit.
Only you save the setting before exit and the change will be saved. Then you can check the sound effect on the flipping page with Flip Html5 quickly.

Monday, October 21, 2013

3 Awesome Page flip (page turner) jQuery flipbook maker Awards 2013

As the development of HTML5 technology, do you start looking for a free PDF to Page Turner by flip html5? HTML5 technology is developing rapidly and it makes users visit web page and flipping book on mobile devices smoothly and easier than before. Then here we collect three wonderful and brilliant page flip jquery flipbook maker awards in 2013. Anyway, we will get start with Flip HTML5.

Flip HTML5 
Flip HTML5 is an outstanding jquery flipbook maker to create page flip book with 3D page turning effect. Besides, it is based HTML5 and jQuery technology. As a result the flip book can be viewed on mobile devices such as Android devices, iPad and iPhone more smoothly and convenient. On one hand, it supports PDF, OpenOffice, Office and Images; on the other hand, the gorgeous template and multiple design settings button make the flip book impressive and interesting. Then check more features of Flip HTML5:

Support PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images/Photos

Easy Sign up and Log in to use full functions exactly
Customize photo to flipbook of Tool Bar, Display and HTML Control Settings
Multiple multimedia contents to enrich flip book
Define the layout of flip book with various templates and themes
Publish to Local as HTML, ZIP, FTP Server and only open to Pro and Gold Users
Upload Online to read online and word well with any user types
Manage Online Books – simply edit and check the online books
Stunning 3D page turning effect
Support any mobile devices like Android devices, iPad and iPhone
No Flash and Programming Skill required

In short, Flip HTML5 is a brilliant flipbook maker to make page flipping book based on HTML5 and jQuery technology. In addition, it can be embedded on web page with ease. Get more information from Flip HTML5 website.

PDF to FlipBook is the main product of Compared with Flip HTML5, Boxoft PDF to flipbook pro just supports to convert PDF to flash flipping book with ease. In addition, Flip HTML5 is based on HTML5 and requires no flash. But PDF to FlipBook Pro of Boxoft is required flash to view the flipping book. However, the powerful design settings and beautiful templates play important role in enriching the page flipping book. All it all, the flip book can be embellished easily with various defined functions and viewed on PC or mobile devices in a more fresh way.

PDF to Flash Flipping Book 3D
PDF to Flash Flipping Book 3D of is also a powerful flip book maker to create 3D page turning book. On one hand, it converts PDF to realistic 3D magazine easily; on the other hand, it supports Android, iPad, iPhone and so on. Anyway, the pre-designed templates will help you a lot to create brilliant 3D flash flipping book.

Monday, September 16, 2013

5 of the Best jQuery SlideShow Plugins

For many sites, the jQuery images slideshow Plugin plays an indispensible role in web design because of displaying multiple images or videos on a single page. Then below are 5 of the Best and fantastic jQuery Slideshow Plugins to display your highlighted content in one slideshow with attractive layout and gorgeous transition sliding effects. What’s more, all of them are free for personal use. Anyway, there is always a proper jQuery Slideshow Plugin maker to meet your needs exactly. Let’s start with the most responsive jQuery SlideShow Maker named Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShowPlugins.

Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShow Plugins -- (Download/Demo)
Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShow Plugin is flexible and responsive enough slider maker to create slideshow plugin and embed into web sites. For of all, it is an awesome plugin to show the multiples images and videos as slideshow on the page. Then you can have a jQuery Slideshow plugins with gorgeous layout and various sliding effect. Since Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShow Plugins have highly customizable functional buttons, novelty templates and skins and diverse transition effects. After that, the slideshow plugins can be previewed and published basic on you exact needs. All in all, Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShow Plugins, on one hand, it provides an easy way to make your highlighted content show on single page anywhere; on the other hand, the plugin can be installed quickly and easily and insert on the page with embedding the copying coding conveniently. 

Check out more outstanding features of Hi Slider Free jQuery SlideShow Plugins:
  • Integrate images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp) and videos (You Tube, Vimeo)
  • Enable adjust the imported images size 
  • Support responsive web design, any browsers and any devices 
  • Enable Ken Burn Zooming and Touch Swipe effect 
  • Hi Slider Editor to edit title and description for slides 
  • Awesome and unique transition effects (3D vertical, 3D horizontal etc.) 
  • Support Call JavaScript Function and pop up with light box 
  • Great templates (Dotted, Fly etc.) and Skins 
  • Fully customizable button list (basic setting, template, border settings etc.) 
  • Preview the slideshow effect before publishing 
  • Publish the slideshow as HTML5 version or Plugin 
  • No Flash, Coding, Images Editing and Programming Skills required

  • ColorBox
    ColorBox is a free and lightweight plugin with highly customizable lightbox and wonderful slideshow effect.

    Skitter is a wonderful slider maker that allows you to customize the layout of slideshow. And it has several animation types, navigation options and unordered list.

    Slider Gallery
    This is also a brilliant slider maker that make images gallery or slideshow in a apply style. If you are a fan of apply style then you can’t miss this.

    Thumbnail Gallery Plugin
    With Thumbnail Gallery Plugin, the images slideshow plugin can be embedded on the page anywhere and scale to fit the container as you want.

    Above are 5 of the Best jQuery Slideshow Plugin. All of them are free to use and create gorgeous jQuery Slideshow Plugin. As far as I am concern, Hi Slider Free jQuery Slideshow Plugin is more convenient and better