Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ratings and Comparison of the Best PDF Page Turning Software

It is digital publishing age in recent years. Then do you want to create gorgeous digital publication for your website, your business or entertainment? In the post, you will find several best PDF page turning software for creating page flip book that offers page flipping reading experience and book-like interface. Then here we are going to show you the rating and comparison between similar and powerful PDF pageturning software.

PUB HTML5 vs Slide HTML5

PUB HTML5 is one of the hottest PDF page turning software in the market recently. For importing file, PUB HMTL5 enables users to transfer PDF, MS Office file and images into page flipping book; Slide HTML5 supports PDF file as well as PowerPoint files only. For animation effect, PUB HTML5 can create digital publication with realistic page turning effect; and digital publication powered by Slide HTML5 is with slide animation effect.

However, both of them can create interactive and media-rich digital publication such as digital magazine, brochure, catalog and eBook. Anyway, PUB HTML5 and Slide HTML5 are wonderful page turning software for making fabulous flipping publication from PDF with ease.

PUB HTML5 vs Flip PDF Professional

Both PUB HTML5 and Flip PDF Professional can transfer PDF documents into 3D realistic page flipping book. But PUB HTML5 is jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 based PDF page turning software and Flip PDF Professional is flash and html5 based. For PUB HTML5, it provides online digital publishing platform for users to upload PDF to online page flipping book directly. What’s more, you can publish digital publication for offline distribution as well.

For Flip PDF Professional, users can publish digital publication online and offline. Anyway, there are many selections of offline formats for users to publish page flip book offline. Then you can share it to social networks with ease. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 Excellent Tools to Publish Students Educational Work

Publishing Student Work is an effective way to motivate the students and make them work harder. Then do you know something novel way to publish student work? If you would like to publish the paper work of students, then you can consider to publishing then into digital publications with page turning effect. For one thing, the students’ work can be shown in an impressive way, for another, it can be shared with whole class as well as parents. In the article, we would like to recommend you three excellent online tools to publish students work with ease.


PUB HTML5 is built in HTML5, jQuery and CSS based which means the digital publication can be viewed cross-platform smoothly. PUB HTML5 allows you to upload students work to online digital publication with page flipping effect. And then continue to share, email and embed the student work with ease. Anyway, if you would like to insert some multimedia and animation contents into student work, you can download desktop version to go ahead. With the good-looking layout and wonderful content, the student work will be perfect.

Flip PDF Professional
Flip PDF Professional ( is awesome page flip software for converting PDF and images to digital publication with page turning effect. Compared with PUB HTML5, Flip PDF Professional thinks highly of offline publication than online conversion. Anyway, Flip PDF Professional allows you to publish student work online and share to social media sites with ease.

Focusky is an online presentation maker to create impressive presentation for student work. Anyway, there are multiple beautiful and wonderful templates for you to create your online presentation for student work as PDF or images formats. However, Focusky provides simple way to make wonderful presentation. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Which Magazine Publishing Platform is the Best? - The Future of PUB HTML5

Nowadays, digital publications play important role in marketing strategy and product promotion. Then there are more and more digital publication software and magazine publishing platform comes out in the market. Do you know which the best magazine publishing platform is? Then in the article, we are going to share several wonderful and powerful magazine publishing platforms to create gorgeous digital magazine with page turning effect.

PUB HTML5 is one of the most popular and convenient platform to publish digital magazine with page flipping effect with ease. With PUB HTML5, users can convert PDF to online digital magazine easily on online platform, create media-rich digital publications with desktop version and make flip book for mobile devices as well.


Anyway, users are able to convert PDF online and upload digital publication without any fees. And then it is time for you to share digital publication to social media sites and embed into website or blog to promote your digital publication in minutes. By the way, if you are interested in inserting multimedia and animated contents into digital publication, just try desktop version. Anyway, PUB HTML5 will focus on the online converter and perfect multimedia and animation editor in the future.

FlipBook Creator Pro
FlipBook Creator Pro ( provides simple way for users to import PDF to page flipping book in minutes. On one hand, you can customize the flipbook settings by design settings list and template settings; on the other hand, you can publish flip offline as HTML, Zip and more to read flipbook offline smoothly.

PDF to Flash Magazine Pro
When we mention flash magazine maker, we have to talk about PDF to Flash Magazine Pro. Compared with PUB HTML5, PDF to Flash Magazine Pro don’t have that powerful online platform. But users also can publish the flash magazine offline and then upload it online or publish online directly. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Awesome jQuery Flip Book Plugins for Web Designer

As we know that plugins play an important role in building company website or blog website with WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. At present inserting Flipbook plugins into website or webpage is becoming popular. Then do you know some powerful page flip book plugin software that can create awesome jQuery flip book plugins? If you don’t, then you should read the article and get more useful page flip software which can publish jQuery flip book plugins for web designer.

PUBHTML5 is built with jQuery and HTML5 technology. It also means it can be viewed on cross-platform mobile devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphone clearly and smoothly. Furthermore, PUBHTML5 provides multiple beautiful templates and themes for users to customize flipbook plugin layout and powerful animation editor to make it impressive and vivid enough to attract visitors. Anyway, installing a jQuery flipbook plugins can extend WordPress with your wonderful imagination.


JPageFlip is also a useful tool to create jQuery flipbook plugin. It is easy to use and simple to publish plugins.

Flip HTML5
With Flip HTML5 (, users can create a jQuery flip book plugin with rich multimedia content with ease. Users can insert multimedia content such as video, audio, images and link into flip page in order to make page flip book vivid and impressive.

Wowbook is a jQuery flipbook plug which is easy to use and simple to apply. With Wowbook, users can create an online digital publication with page flip effect.


With flip page, users can create wonderful flip book plugin with nice transaction effect with ease. Anyway, it is a user-friendly tool to make beautiful jQuery page flipbook plugin for web design. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Optimize Your Online Content with Shareable Interactive eBook

It is well known that if you would like to get more free traffic to your website, you have to optimize your website to search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then do you how to optimize? First of all, you should write some SEO friendly contents and wonderful design of your website. About the website design, do you think embed social friendly catalog into your website will be a good way to impress your readers and drive their attention?

In the article we are going to talk about the tips to optimize your online content with SEO friendly content and interactive eBook. Let’s start today’s topic with SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content, on one hand, it should be useful for your users and keep users happy; on the other hand, it should make engines happy and ranks well. Then how to write that kind of content?

In the first place, you should keep your content unique and original. And then does homework before you write the post title and make sure there is no the same title and keep it less than 70 characters. Then you have to pay attention to your introduction and the body of page. Finally, use images which are with meaningful name and use internal linking in the articles or page.

Let’s go ahead taking about the web design. Inserting page flip eBook is one of the popular ways to beautify the website design. Anyway, Flip PDF is professional digital publication software for creating diverse of digital magazine, catalog, eBook and brochure.

You are able to make the social share function show on eBook. And then upload it online, your readers can share your book to social network with ease. Anyway, integrate the interactive page flip eBook with social friendly functions of Flip PDF will be a good way to drive users’ attention and increase website traffic. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

SEO Your Online Magazine to Get Organic Traffic from Google and Bing

Imagine that you are running a business and you are feeling troublesome to get free traffic for your website. As we know that we can get useful and free traffic for the website via Google. Then do you know other search engine you can’t miss? The answer is Bing and Yahoo. In the article, we are going to talk about how to SEO online magazine to get organic traffic from Google and Bing. First of all, you have to create a stunning online magazine and embed into website for SEO.

Flip PDF for Mac is e-magazine Mac maker for making engaging digital magazine with realistic page flipping effect. There are several sparkling features worth trying to use. Let’s start with stylish templates and themes. There are four default templates and diverse online templates for users to enrich online magazine. And then fully customizable functions allows users to customize tool bar setting, display setting and flash settings of digital magazine. Finally, you can’t miss flexible publishing functions. There are multiple common used formats to publish your digital magazine online and offline with ease. Anyway, Flip PDF for Mac is table publish software, it can publish app for Mac, iPad and iPhone for mobile devices reading.

Then what’s SEO? According to Search Engine Land, SEO is stand for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural listing on search engines. Anyway, the search engines such Google, Bing and Yahoo will show the results contain, page information, video and then ranked based on what search engine consider most.

First of all, optimize your website for Google. It is well known that the best and the most difficult way to get traffic are by optimizing for Google. It has about 70% market share of search engine all over the world. If you want to have your position in the competition, then you have to create great content and design of your website. Let’s move to Bing.

Although Bing is not as popular as Google, it can bring in a good number of visitors in its ways. What to do? First of all, register with Bing webmaster and submit your website easily. Anyway, the process of Bing is similar to Google. And then integrate your website with social media sites account such as Facebook and Twitter. Because Bing will take the number of Facebook links and Tweets into consideration in there ranking algorithm. However, taking good use of Google and Bing, then the greater content you have the higher traffic you will get. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drive E-commerce Revenue with Interactive Rich Media Shopping Catalog

Nowadays, as the internet keeps growing rapidly, so does e-commerce. We talk much about e-commerce then what’s e-commerce precisely? E-commerce is short for Electronic Commerce. It is the buying and selling of goods and services or transmitting of data via electronic network like Internet. Anyway, there are four main categories of e-commerce activity. They are B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2B (Consumer to Business) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer). Then do you know what should contain in an e-commerce strategy?

Navigation. A site with wonderful navigation can drive users’ attention and keep looking at the website. If you website navigation is hard to use or easy to confuse users, then it will make the visitor give up and leave to browser your website. Anyway, navigation plays an important role in leading users to take a look at website and know more about your product and service.

Customization. Embedding a page flipping digital catalog will high light your website in some ways. First of all, the digital catalog is super easy to read and share to social network. And then it can help you build and promote brand awareness via powerful social platform. What’s most important, you can attract users to read and buy via the rich media product catalog with You Tube video. If you are Mac users, no worries, there is a powerful Mac catalog maker named Flip PDF for Mac for you to create stunning user-friendly product catalog in minutes.

Integration. In order to provide a wonderful and perfect e-commerce experience, you site have to integrate with billing and order fulfillment, social networks and so on. However, it should be responsive and compatible on mobile devices. Then it will help you reach diverse audience effectively.

All in all, Flip PDF Professional is wonderful product catalog maker to impressive and practical digital catalog with ease. On one hand, it provides diverse multimedia contents for users to enrich digital catalog; on the other hand, your digital catalog can reach more audience via social network, embedding into website or blog and so on.