Sunday, July 19, 2015

Killer Free Magazine Maker for Successful Digital Magazine Design

In the digital publishing age, we believe you are not strange with digital magazine. Before we start today’s topic, let’s talk about the advantages of digital magazine first. As we know that, compared with print magazine, digital magazine can deliver content across multiple platforms and devices. Then it is low cost and increase magazine distribution all over the world. In this case, creating a good looking design, recommendable digital magazine is necessary.

Here we are going to show you how to make successful digital magazine design with killer free magazine maker FlipHTML5. It is free magazine maker for creating gorgeous digital magazine and distribute all over the world.

Design Attractive Layout
Layout design is one of the important parts of successful digital magazine. Then FlipHTML5 allows designers to customize layout settings by changing templates and customizing toolbar settings. Anyway, you can make some button show or hide on toolbar with ease. Besides, you should take mobile users experiences into consideration when you are designing your digital magazine.

Concise Content and Beautiful Photos
Deliver some content which your readers interested in and want to know is necessary. Multimedia elements can help you deliver messages in a visual and concise way instead of lots of words and images. And then high-quality photos will increase the whole magazine quality as well. Without a doubt, using multimedia content into digital magazine is an effective way to deliver concise contents.

Cross Platforms and Devices
In order to reach more online and mobile users, creating sharable and compatible digital magazine is important. With FlipHTML5, you can create page flipping magazine which can be shared to social networking with ease and read it cross platform and devices. Because of it is HTML5 and jQuery based.

All in all, that’s powerful FlipHTML5. It can help you create good design and impressive digital magazine with page turning effect. And it can be distributed via social network and cross platform. Learn more examples of FlipHTML5 from

Friday, May 22, 2015


 今天跟大家介紹的是一個近幾年的新興概念– PDF產品型錄。傳統的產品目錄有其短期內難以改善的諸多限制,比如:


  電子目錄卻能解決上述種種問題,而人們需要不斷改善和提高產品目錄的質量,這也是PDF產品型錄在互聯網興起的原因。那麼,什麼是PDF產品目錄呢?簡單來說,就是將 PDF文檔格式的產品資料數據化,讓用戶更方便管理資料的內容,而產品資料則以電子書或電子雜誌等出版物形式放在網上供用戶翻閱瀏覽。

  Flipbook 軟體是製作PDF產品目錄的專業軟體系列,其中包括Flip PDF在內的多個軟體都能把靜態的PDF文檔轉換為動態的翻頁電子書,對比起傳統產品目錄,Flip PDF 製作的產品型錄具一下特點:


  有對比才有客觀的分析,有競爭才有進步。看完上文關於傳統和新興的產品目錄描述,你心動了嗎?心動不如行動,趕緊動起滑鼠,免費下載Flip PDF,製作PDF翻頁產品目錄試試吧。

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Free Business Presentation Software Alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is great tool for us to make and deliver presentation and indeed boosting report. But there are some troublesome disadvantages of PowerPoint as well. For example, PowerPoint presentation lack flexibility and may affect the value of the report negatively. Any alternative presentation software to PowerPoint? If you are going to create presentation for your business, then you need professional and free business presentation software to create an effective presentation. Focusky free businesspresentation software is perfect choice to create attractive online and offline presentation to capture attention and lead deep impression.

Easy to Create
Easy-to-use presentation software can help you get double results with half the effort. Focucsky is one of the professional free business presentation software to allow you to create presentation in canvas. You can simple start your presentation with choosing a proper template. And then you can add new and then fill in the information and other multimedia elements. Then if you don’t want to insert multimedia contents, then you can create online presentation with web based tool directly.

Animated Presentation
As we know that PowerPoint allows users to add animation into presentation. Then with Focusky (, it offers more fabulous and awesome transition animation, incoming and outgoing animation for inserted contents as well. Besides, rich multimedia contents will help you enhances effectiveness of your presentation with ease.

Guide Audiences with Path
As we know that, PowerPoint is slide to slide presentation. And presentation made by Focusky is non linear presentation. You can use path to connect different contents and guide users to follow your mind mapping and make your presentation understandable.

Without a doubt, Focusky is really help free business presentation software to present your ideas to your customer than PowerPoint. And it is also a useful web based tool to create online presentation from PDF and PowerPoint file in minutes. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Simple Guide to Create Page Flip Book with FlipBook Software

Without a doubt, page flip book is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Then it can be used in different field and you can benefit a lot. For instant, you can create interactive digital catalog for your business to make purchase easier. And creating page flip book to tell story about your brand and build brand awareness. Then in the post, we are going to talk about the simple guide to create page flip book with flipbook software.

Before you create page flip book, you should have professional and wonderful flipbook software first. Here I would like to recommend wonderful flipbook software Flip HTML5. Now follow the guide to create wonderful page flip book with Flip HTML5 flipbook software with ease.

Make it Simple
A better page flip book can give the viewers a clear idea about your brand and content. Then how to make it simple with Flip HTML5? First of all, you can use image and graphic data to deliver message that you want your users know instead of lots of word on html5 flip book. Try to make content concise and simple to make sure your users can get your points easily.

Make it Impressive
With Flip HTML5, it is pieces of cake to make your page flip book impressive. You can make your html5 flip book impressive by changing templates settings, toolbar settings and flipbook layout settings. About template settings, there are multiple beautiful templates and themes for changing your flipbook appearance with ease. About toolbar settings, it is for changing icon color, font, toolbar color and more in order to make it look beautiful. About flipbook layout setting, you are able to make hardcover, adjust shadow and more settings to make your flipbook look professional and impressive.

Make it Innovative

Make your digital publication innovative can inspire users to share your page flip book. Animation editor of Flip HTML5 provides easy way to make your page flip book innovative by inserting multimedia contents with animation effect. What’s more, you can adjust the timeline between multiple animation elements. All in all, Flip HTML5 is wonderful flipbook software to make gorgeous page flip book to boost your content marketing and attract more attention. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Deliver Lively Message by Inserting Rich Media Video into PDF Flipping Book

As we know that video is one part of multimedia contents. Then why add videos into PDF flipping book? Adding multimedia contents such as video is an effective way to build strong relationship and communication with your audiences. What’s more, rich media video can make your flipping book attractive and interactive. Video is really useful tool to deliver great messages to your audiences. As a matter of fact, Flip HTML5 flipping book maker provides professional animation editor to enrich digital publication through inserting video.

According to the study of Dr. James McQuivey’s, he claims that video is worth 1.8million words. In other words, vide can deliver more greatly impact message than texts. Then the advantages of inserting a video in PDF flipping book are obvious. Inserting video with Flip HTML5 helps you to make your digital content more persuasive and enrich your PDF flipping book easily.

With Flip HTML5, you can display your video on player or insert a link to open pop-up video.. And it supports Vimeo video, Youtube video and MP4 video so far. Furthermore, there are many video players for users to choose in order to display your video in an attractive way. Both animation editor and page editor allows you to insert video in to PDF flipping book.

Video is helpful for delivering lots of information and message. And rich media can help you build strong customers relationship and make your digital content easy to understand. In a word, enrich your PDF flipping book through adding rich media video with Flip HTML5 is smart choice to persuade your readers and engage them. Now you can try to enrich your digital edition by inserting Vimeo, You tube and MP4 video with Flip HTML5. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Create an interactive eBook from original PDF

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is still a really common and useful format in business. People prefer to keep document in this format for the reason that it looks exactly the same on any device regardless of the platform. Therefore, it can help to avoid unnecessary mistakes which led to business failure. However, for digital publishing ( ), there is a better choice to achieve more in your content. It is the flipbook that enables you to deliver valuable information in an interactive way.

Most people would have some doubts here about your well designed PDF documents. Well, it is another advantage of flipbook. Search it on Google, and then you will know that flipbook maker can easily convert PDF files into stunning page turning eBooks. Or short of, it is just a way to improve the reading experience based on your PDF. All your useful contents will be kept and your interactive eBook is able to work smoothly on all devices and any platform.

Here come the questions: How can the eBook creator ( ) improve the reading experience? What is changed and what can we change if we convert PDF to flipping publication? Is it difficult for our prospect to reach for reading?

Yes, everyone is afraid of the change in that we cannot predict what will happen in the future. But as Franklin Roosevelt said, growth and the change are the law of all life. Yesterday’s answers are inadequate for today’s problem just as the solutions of today will not fill the needs of tomorrow. Believe it or not, many content marketers have tried and received very good results. At least now, it has been a trend for digital publishing. Why? For one thing, your original PDF can only contain static texts, links, images, and tables etc. But you can enrich the content with multimedia and even show the dynamic change with animation effect in a page flip eBook. For another, the visitors need to download the PDF for further reading. However, you can directly read flipbook online without the help of other application. If you are the reader, which one would you choose? The answer is obvious.

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction. Now that the change is good for business, how can we achieve more in the right direction? Ultimately, the clear answer of the raised questions before will show you the right direction.

Firstly, to engage more reader, the layout of eBook should be attractive. What about the book-like interface? Many software online offers your pre-design templates and themes for you to beautify the outlook of your publication. Just take the leading eBook software Flip PDF as an example, it provides more than ten templates and themes for you to customize the book-like interface. Even, you can add dynamic scenes to impress your readers at the first sign.

Stunning demo created by Flip PDF

Since the engaging outlook can be easily designed, what about the interactive content? As mentioned above, the content of your original PDF would be wholly in the new flipping book. If it is needed to enhance the reading experience, a video or the image gallery with animation would be the best choice. For that it is possible to add brand logo in PDF to improve brand awareness, there are also multiple ways to broadcast your brand in digital flipping book. The simple way is to embed logo. Or the loading logo is also possible. Despite of the logo, the advertising banner would be the most effective way which is impossible in PDF.

If the interactive content cannot be reached by the readers, all mention above is meaningless. Don’t worry; it is even not a problem for the eBook creator. With the HTML5 flipbook software, your PDF can be converted to the html5 flipping book online. Then all your readers can easily access with the device they like. As for the promotion, the social network friendly eBook creator, such as Flip PDF, enables everyone to share through social media with several clicks.

PDF is not out of date. There is just a better way to deliver a comfortable reading experience with PDF. Hope you can promote your online business with the interactive eBook successfully.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Online Flyer Maker Gives You the Power of Marketing through Your Customers

Do you know what is flyer? Do you have any idea to market your business through your customer with a flyer? Here we would like to talk about online flyer maker AnyFlip to give you're the power of marketing through your customers. Let’s start with explaining what a flyer is. A flyer is usually used draw attention to an event, product and services. A flyer usually includes very simple message that can be conveyed by customers quickly.

When we talk about online flyer maker, we have to mention AnyFlip. AnyFlip is one of the most popular online flyer makers in the market. Firstly, it provides free publishing platform for users to create free online flyers from PDF file. Secondly, you can customize the layout of digital online flyer by changing templates and themes. Thirdly, you can share the page flip flyer to social network and via email easily so that you can connect with your customer better.

Then how online flyer maker AnyFlip gives you the power of marketing through your customers? First of all, you can create interesting and interactive contents of your online flyers to attract users’ attention. And you should assure it is online and then make distribute it online and offline. In this case, AnyFlip provides multiple options for users to distribute offline. For instant, publish digital flyer as HTML, Zip, Exe, burn to CD and more. Online and Offline distribution will help you increase exposure, drive more attention and build brand awareness.


If your customers are interested in your digital online flyers or they love to use your product or services, they can share online flyer to social networking with ease. And you are able to send online flyer as email attachment to your subscriber or friends simply. All in all, AnyFlip is professional online flyer maker to create interactive online flyer for your business. Moreover, AnyFlip provides multiple digital flyer solutions for users to distribute online and offline in order to reach more audiences.