Monday, August 25, 2014

Which Magazine Publishing Platform is the Best? - The Future of PUB HTML5

Nowadays, digital publications play important role in marketing strategy and product promotion. Then there are more and more digital publication software and magazine publishing platform comes out in the market. Do you know which the best magazine publishing platform is? Then in the article, we are going to share several wonderful and powerful magazine publishing platforms to create gorgeous digital magazine with page turning effect.

PUB HTML5 is one of the most popular and convenient platform to publish digital magazine with page flipping effect with ease. With PUB HTML5, users can convert PDF to online digital magazine easily on online platform, create media-rich digital publications with desktop version and make flip book for mobile devices as well.


Anyway, users are able to convert PDF online and upload digital publication without any fees. And then it is time for you to share digital publication to social media sites and embed into website or blog to promote your digital publication in minutes. By the way, if you are interested in inserting multimedia and animated contents into digital publication, just try desktop version. Anyway, PUB HTML5 will focus on the online converter and perfect multimedia and animation editor in the future.

FlipBook Creator Pro
FlipBook Creator Pro ( provides simple way for users to import PDF to page flipping book in minutes. On one hand, you can customize the flipbook settings by design settings list and template settings; on the other hand, you can publish flip offline as HTML, Zip and more to read flipbook offline smoothly.

PDF to Flash Magazine Pro
When we mention flash magazine maker, we have to talk about PDF to Flash Magazine Pro. Compared with PUB HTML5, PDF to Flash Magazine Pro don’t have that powerful online platform. But users also can publish the flash magazine offline and then upload it online or publish online directly. 

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