Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to enable search content while PDF to flipbook?

It can't ignore that flip html5 is an awesome flip book creator to create gorgeous flip book with 3D page turning effect and rich multimedia contents. Then what the most useful functions is while you are using flip html5. In the article, we will continue to show you more wonderful function of flip html5. That is search function of flip html5. It is powerful enough for users to search the content you need only with entering key words or sentences. Also there is a point you should pay attention to. That is the search function can work smoothly when your content is concise of text format file but not images based. 

Step1: Add new file to program. 

Run Flip Html5 and then click "Create New" to continue adding new file to program such as PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images. 
Step2: Make Search button show on toolbar. 

Move to "Custom Setting", click  "Tool Bar Settings" and select  "search button" after that choose  "Show" from  "Search Button Visible".

Step3: Refresh Flip Book. 

After changing the settings of flipping magazine, please do remember to click "Apply Change" to fresh the flip book in order to make the change show. 
Step4: Search the information you need. 

Move to tool bar and then click "search" button and input the keywords or sentence to get the paragraph or other information you need.