Friday, November 1, 2013

Flip HTML5 – wonderful flip book editor to embed music player on flip book

Q: Do you know a simple way to embed music player for every flip page? I know how to add background music for a book but I have no idea how to add music for single page. Just show me how to make it work. 

A: Flip HTMl5 is an excellent page flip book creator to create flip book from PDF, Office, OpenOffice and Images. Flip Book Editor of Flip Html5 is wonderful to insert multimedia contents such as sound player, video player, flash, shape and so on. Then adding sound to specified flip book page is one of the outstanding functions of flip book editor. Here we will take add sound player for example. By the way, you not only can add sound player for single page but also add background sound for a whole flip book with ease. Now let’s begin to show you the method to add sound step by step.
Step1: Run Flip Html5 and start adding file.
Download and run the program and then continue importing PDF to flipping book.
Step2: Sign up to move on.
Click "Edit Page" to log in and then move to "Flip Book Editor" window. If you are free and pro user types, then you only can preview the multimedia content but not save.
Step3: Select a page and add sound.
Select a page first and then click "Sound" icon on editor tool bar and draw the box on the selected page. And then keep customizing the setting of sound player.
Step4: Save and Exit.
Only you save the setting before exit and the change will be saved. Then you can check the sound effect on the flipping page with Flip Html5 quickly.