Thursday, June 26, 2014

Optimize Your Online Content with Shareable Interactive eBook

It is well known that if you would like to get more free traffic to your website, you have to optimize your website to search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then do you how to optimize? First of all, you should write some SEO friendly contents and wonderful design of your website. About the website design, do you think embed social friendly catalog into your website will be a good way to impress your readers and drive their attention?

In the article we are going to talk about the tips to optimize your online content with SEO friendly content and interactive eBook. Let’s start today’s topic with SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content, on one hand, it should be useful for your users and keep users happy; on the other hand, it should make engines happy and ranks well. Then how to write that kind of content?

In the first place, you should keep your content unique and original. And then does homework before you write the post title and make sure there is no the same title and keep it less than 70 characters. Then you have to pay attention to your introduction and the body of page. Finally, use images which are with meaningful name and use internal linking in the articles or page.

Let’s go ahead taking about the web design. Inserting page flip eBook is one of the popular ways to beautify the website design. Anyway, Flip PDF is professional digital publication software for creating diverse of digital magazine, catalog, eBook and brochure.

You are able to make the social share function show on eBook. And then upload it online, your readers can share your book to social network with ease. Anyway, integrate the interactive page flip eBook with social friendly functions of Flip PDF will be a good way to drive users’ attention and increase website traffic. 

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