Friday, April 3, 2015

Deliver Lively Message by Inserting Rich Media Video into PDF Flipping Book

As we know that video is one part of multimedia contents. Then why add videos into PDF flipping book? Adding multimedia contents such as video is an effective way to build strong relationship and communication with your audiences. What’s more, rich media video can make your flipping book attractive and interactive. Video is really useful tool to deliver great messages to your audiences. As a matter of fact, Flip HTML5 flipping book maker provides professional animation editor to enrich digital publication through inserting video.

According to the study of Dr. James McQuivey’s, he claims that video is worth 1.8million words. In other words, vide can deliver more greatly impact message than texts. Then the advantages of inserting a video in PDF flipping book are obvious. Inserting video with Flip HTML5 helps you to make your digital content more persuasive and enrich your PDF flipping book easily.

With Flip HTML5, you can display your video on player or insert a link to open pop-up video.. And it supports Vimeo video, Youtube video and MP4 video so far. Furthermore, there are many video players for users to choose in order to display your video in an attractive way. Both animation editor and page editor allows you to insert video in to PDF flipping book.

Video is helpful for delivering lots of information and message. And rich media can help you build strong customers relationship and make your digital content easy to understand. In a word, enrich your PDF flipping book through adding rich media video with Flip HTML5 is smart choice to persuade your readers and engage them. Now you can try to enrich your digital edition by inserting Vimeo, You tube and MP4 video with Flip HTML5. 

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