Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Simple Guide to Create Page Flip Book with FlipBook Software

Without a doubt, page flip book is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Then it can be used in different field and you can benefit a lot. For instant, you can create interactive digital catalog for your business to make purchase easier. And creating page flip book to tell story about your brand and build brand awareness. Then in the post, we are going to talk about the simple guide to create page flip book with flipbook software.

Before you create page flip book, you should have professional and wonderful flipbook software first. Here I would like to recommend wonderful flipbook software Flip HTML5. Now follow the guide to create wonderful page flip book with Flip HTML5 flipbook software with ease.

Make it Simple
A better page flip book can give the viewers a clear idea about your brand and content. Then how to make it simple with Flip HTML5? First of all, you can use image and graphic data to deliver message that you want your users know instead of lots of word on html5 flip book. Try to make content concise and simple to make sure your users can get your points easily.

Make it Impressive
With Flip HTML5, it is pieces of cake to make your page flip book impressive. You can make your html5 flip book impressive by changing templates settings, toolbar settings and flipbook layout settings. About template settings, there are multiple beautiful templates and themes for changing your flipbook appearance with ease. About toolbar settings, it is for changing icon color, font, toolbar color and more in order to make it look beautiful. About flipbook layout setting, you are able to make hardcover, adjust shadow and more settings to make your flipbook look professional and impressive.

Make it Innovative

Make your digital publication innovative can inspire users to share your page flip book. Animation editor of Flip HTML5 provides easy way to make your page flip book innovative by inserting multimedia contents with animation effect. What’s more, you can adjust the timeline between multiple animation elements. All in all, Flip HTML5 is wonderful flipbook software to make gorgeous page flip book to boost your content marketing and attract more attention. 

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