Sunday, July 19, 2015

Killer Free Magazine Maker for Successful Digital Magazine Design

In the digital publishing age, we believe you are not strange with digital magazine. Before we start today’s topic, let’s talk about the advantages of digital magazine first. As we know that, compared with print magazine, digital magazine can deliver content across multiple platforms and devices. Then it is low cost and increase magazine distribution all over the world. In this case, creating a good looking design, recommendable digital magazine is necessary.

Here we are going to show you how to make successful digital magazine design with killer free magazine maker FlipHTML5. It is free magazine maker for creating gorgeous digital magazine and distribute all over the world.

Design Attractive Layout
Layout design is one of the important parts of successful digital magazine. Then FlipHTML5 allows designers to customize layout settings by changing templates and customizing toolbar settings. Anyway, you can make some button show or hide on toolbar with ease. Besides, you should take mobile users experiences into consideration when you are designing your digital magazine.

Concise Content and Beautiful Photos
Deliver some content which your readers interested in and want to know is necessary. Multimedia elements can help you deliver messages in a visual and concise way instead of lots of words and images. And then high-quality photos will increase the whole magazine quality as well. Without a doubt, using multimedia content into digital magazine is an effective way to deliver concise contents.

Cross Platforms and Devices
In order to reach more online and mobile users, creating sharable and compatible digital magazine is important. With FlipHTML5, you can create page flipping magazine which can be shared to social networking with ease and read it cross platform and devices. Because of it is HTML5 and jQuery based.

All in all, that’s powerful FlipHTML5. It can help you create good design and impressive digital magazine with page turning effect. And it can be distributed via social network and cross platform. Learn more examples of FlipHTML5 from

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