Sunday, May 10, 2015

Free Business Presentation Software Alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is great tool for us to make and deliver presentation and indeed boosting report. But there are some troublesome disadvantages of PowerPoint as well. For example, PowerPoint presentation lack flexibility and may affect the value of the report negatively. Any alternative presentation software to PowerPoint? If you are going to create presentation for your business, then you need professional and free business presentation software to create an effective presentation. Focusky free businesspresentation software is perfect choice to create attractive online and offline presentation to capture attention and lead deep impression.

Easy to Create
Easy-to-use presentation software can help you get double results with half the effort. Focucsky is one of the professional free business presentation software to allow you to create presentation in canvas. You can simple start your presentation with choosing a proper template. And then you can add new and then fill in the information and other multimedia elements. Then if you don’t want to insert multimedia contents, then you can create online presentation with web based tool directly.

Animated Presentation
As we know that PowerPoint allows users to add animation into presentation. Then with Focusky (, it offers more fabulous and awesome transition animation, incoming and outgoing animation for inserted contents as well. Besides, rich multimedia contents will help you enhances effectiveness of your presentation with ease.

Guide Audiences with Path
As we know that, PowerPoint is slide to slide presentation. And presentation made by Focusky is non linear presentation. You can use path to connect different contents and guide users to follow your mind mapping and make your presentation understandable.

Without a doubt, Focusky is really help free business presentation software to present your ideas to your customer than PowerPoint. And it is also a useful web based tool to create online presentation from PDF and PowerPoint file in minutes. 

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